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Welcome To The Continent


Welcome to the Continent is a highly engaging interactive site created for The Witcher. Made together with Netflix, this is the ultimate companion website for the show, complete with an interactive map, timeline, and encyclopedia of information. With every detail built with lore in mind, fans can discover original content that expands on the magic of the series.


Navigate the map by location or timeline

I was the creative producer for this project. My team at Media.Monks worked with Netflix to develop the strategy and creative concept for a flexible content system that could grow with the Witcher franchise, placing storytelling at the heart of every interaction. We took care of the full production in-house from copywriting to design and web development.

Explore the library's 250+ content pages


Content pages dive into the lore in detail

A content page about forbidden magic in the Witcher

Each page is a rabbit hole to related content

A content page with images of Witcher characters linking to related content pages from the Witcher

For the second season of Netflix’s The Witcher, we expanded our interactive map and website to welcome viewers back to the extraordinary world of the show. From an animated introduction voiced by talent to an immersive landing page experience, it amplifies the magic of the series. Visitors can traverse the map, uncover Easter Eggs and discover original, world-building content. Equally magnificent on mobile and desktop, our website is visited by Witcher fans from all over the world.

Over 250 pages of content
Localised in 11 languages

Awards: FWA, Awwwards, CSS Winner, Webby Awards, The One Show, ADC, Dutch Creativity Awards, Lovie Awards
Press: Webby Awards, Awwwards,

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