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Project type

Brand activation


Vista Equity Partners


New York City, USA


Superhuman  event planning
Tellart  interaction design
TEK  AV partners 

Alice& role

Creative production

Project title



This custom-made application tells the story of Vista Private Equity as a company, and shows the impact of its portfolio of tech startups across the globe. It helped Vista’s sales teams to engage with their investors during the annual general meeting, and is now being folded into their website.

I was the creative producer for this project. My team at Tellart developed the initial concept from design through final production, by parsing through available data, selecting the most meaningful data, developing a content logic and strategy, designing the data visualization, building a backend database and custom software, and installing the final interactive application onsite.


When a new company is added to the portfolio locations and industry light up 


Over time countries with companies light up around the world


My team and I turned raw data in a spreadsheet into a data-driven experience: 1 large projected animation, and 3 touchscreen kiosks. The animation shows Vista’s evolution over 20 years: startup acquisitions, add-ons, locations, industries, funds, awards. The kiosks invite users to navigate the globe to discover more about individual portfolio companies. 


Globe rotates to show all locations with portfolio companies


The dynamic design adapts to data available

Additional layers of information become active when more information is available

One challenge: Vista’s portfolio is constantly evolving as companies are acquired, grown, and sold. Each company has different amounts of data. Our solution: create a dynamic design that adapts based on the data available, without favoring mature companies with more data points compared to young startups. The design was coded on top of a backend database to enable our client to upload new data in real-time.

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