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Project type

Brand activation




Pyeongchang, South Korea


Cheil  marketing
2x4  design lead
Tellart  design partner
Chicago Scenic  fabrication
Octo  co-prototyping
INOSYS  onsite AV partner

Alice& role

Creative production

Project title



Craftsmanship is a kinetic installation that brings to life the story of Samsung’s meticulous phone manufacturing process through physical choreography using software, hardware, and robotics. It highlights three moments: sculpting metal, colouring, and coating, shaping glass. 


Samsung's 3,000m² brand pavilion at the 2018 Olympic Winter Games


Phone bodies dip into a colouring bath

I was the creative producer for this project. My team at Tellart evolved 2x4’s initial concept, visited a Samsung factory in Vietnam, developed the detailed design, iterated prototypes, developed the custom 'story engine' technology. We collaborated with vendors on fabrication, and saw the project through installation and operation. 


A robot arm demonstrates shaping glass


A milling machine sculpts a metal phone body

The exhibit contains:

1 industrial robot,

4 conveyor belts,

4 integrated CNC milling machines,

40 blank aluminium billets,

100 unfinished aluminium Galaxy bodies, 170+ custom-made 3D printed parts,

500+ curved glass Galaxy screens,

500 different structural and scenic parts, many hundreds of electronic components,

2000+ linear feet of structural aluminium, countless fasteners,

18M pixels across projectors and screens, all carefully arranged within a space about the size of a small shipping container.

The installation was later permanently installed at Galaxy Harajuku Samsung’s new flagship store in Tokyo, Japan, which opened for the 2020 Olympics. 

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