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Qatar Museums


Doha, Qatar


Atelier Brückner  project lead
Tellart  interactive exhibition concept design
Medienprojekt P2  hardware planning 

UNStudio  architecture

Project title

Alice& role

Creative production

Qatar Children’s Museum

Screenshot 2019-11-12 at 11.26.39.png

Qatar Children’s Museum will be a future museum dedicated to families and children in Doha which focuses on the arts and the environment. My team at Tellart was hired by Atelier Brückner, the project lead, to design four high media exhibits under the umbrella of each of the thematic galleries. Project confidential. For more information please contact me directly.

4 interactive exhibits empower children to: share personal role models that embody universal qualities such as love, strength, and courage; reveal hidden superpowers through reimagined film-making techniques including stop motion and green screen; play a game to balance and trade a city’s energy, water, and food resources; and explore how taking small actions can bring about positive change within a community.

I was the creative producer for this project. My team at Tellart evolved Atelier Brückner’s initial interpretive plan, turned high-level pedagogical goals into engaging exhibit concepts, proposed interactive solutions driven by a core story versus technology, and simple paper prototypes and code sketches to playtest with children.

1 wearable bracelet enables families to trigger interactive exhibits in a language of preference, and capture artworks created during the visit. 

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