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Amsterdam, the Netherlands


The Hoxton  host venue
Eszter Design graphic design
Pim Wisselink  photographer
Maurizio Montalti  speaker
Shahar Livne  speaker
Cyrus Clarke  speaker

Project title

Design Talks

Alice& role

Curation, Creative Production

Screenshot 2022-09-28 at 13.00.30.png

Design Talks are intimate gatherings of creatives to talk about craft and culture through the lens of design. ‘Not The Only Experiment’ tackled our toughest topic yet: Restorative Design. More than another talk about sustainability, we met designers building solutions to address the damage done to the planet.

Screenshot 2022-09-28 at 13.10.35.png

Maurizio Montalti shared his perspective on how growing products from fungus could start a biotechnological revolution. 
Shahar Livne challenged our notion of ‘waste materials’ and shared insights from her research on mining waste plastic. 
Cyrus Clarke presented his vision for the future of data storage by storing data nature’s way, in the DNA of plants.

I was the program curator for this event. Together with Workwhile's founder, I helped research speakers, secure our panel, and plan the event. The event sold out within hours of its announcement.

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