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Janghowon-eup, South Korea


UNStudio  architecture concept
Tellart  exhibition concept

Plomp  architectural renders

Alice& role

Creative production

Challenge Museum


The Challenge Museum aims to give the youth of South Korea a new sense of agency in building a prosperous future. Distributed over three levels, the museum invites visitors on a journey of exploration to shift their perspective and discover how they might become pioneers of positive change in the world.

AR reveals link in astronomy, weather, and currents.

I was the creative producer for this project. My team at Tellart worked on the exhibition proposal. We collaborated with world-renowned architects UNStudio to propose an immersive experience for Dongwon that blends architecture and exhibition elements with the building’s lush natural surroundings. Visitors use augmented reality to explore the relationship between astronomy and our Earth’s weather patterns and sea currents.

The museum provides a place for people to reflect on their talents and how they might step out in the surrounding gardens, and into the wider world, with a fresh point of view. The journey is designed to help people directly experience the creativity, optimism and perseverance. Visitors embark on an unexpected journey from outer space (below) to the ocean (above), and are encouraged to explore new possibilities beyond what is known.

Visitors are immersed in the vastness of nature,  journeying from outer space to ocean and beyond

Re-enter the surrounding gardens – and the wider world – with a fresh point of view

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