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Lightbox Publishing


Hong Kong, SAR


Lightbox  publisher
Tankboys  graphic design
Service Printing Co.  printer
Art Basel distribution

Alice& role

Managing Editor,
Curation, Communication

Project title


Art Guide

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I was the managing editor for Hong Kong edition. My team at Lightbox crafted the graphic design (print, web, app), and software development. As the local editor in Hong Kong, I took care of the full content research, creation, and editing of the publication. Together, we developed the corporate sponsorship strategy and secured funds from partners including the Hong Kong Tourism Board, Shanghai Tang, Audi, Davidoff, and Audemars Piguet.

My Art Guide is your compass in the contemporary art world. It is a guidebook published by Lightbox which showcases the arts and cultural scene of Hong Kong (print, web, app) with 200+ curated suggestions to explore during Hong Kong Art Week: from the world’s leading art show Art Basel, to other satellite fairs, exhibitions and events, museums, galleries, restaurants, shops, and hotels.

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With the launch of Art Basel Hong Kong, the guidebook series expanded to Hong Kong. The inaugural guide was packed with curated tips on what to do during Hong Kong Art Week and best kept local secrets. The printed guide had a total circulation of 30,000 copies.

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